What is Club-Mate?

The raw material for Club-Mate is extracted from the yerba tea shrub that is native to South America.

Mate is the most important alkaloid stimulant of southern and central South America that since ancient times has enabled indigenous people to endure hardships, but is also appreciated by immigrated Europeans.

The stimulation is based on the favourable caffeine content that is available for everyone in a wholesome form.

The influence which the yerba exerts on the nervous system is based on its characteristic as a stimulant, and that explains why it has such a powerful effect against muscle fatigue.

This physiological phenomenon has been repeatedly observed. Fatigue after heavy exertions disappeared miraculously after one sip of mate.

From the yerba shrub we produce an extract with pure crystal sugar according to a special process that is utilised for bottling the Club-mate beverage.

Since mate tea enjoys great popularity as the national beverage in large parts of South America, a vast number of other effects are traditionally attributed to it. So it is no wonder if mate is also praised in Europe as the “green gold of the Indians”, as a natural remedy and magic potion and above all as the ideal slimming agent that makes dieting easier and satiates the nagging sensation of hunger and thirst.

In South America, mate is prepared as follows:
An equivalent amount of hot, no longer boiling water is poured over mate leaves in a hollowed-out, roughly fist-sized gourd. The beverage is slurped through a silver straw. The gourd is repeatedly refilled with more water.

You gladly drink it if tastes good…

…and if it is good for your body, it is twice as valuable. Mate is good for your body, because there is a full teaspoon of mate tea in every bottle of Club-Mate. That is why Club-Mate is a pleasure for your tongue, a necessity for your body.

Club-Mate is a high quality mate tea, but more palatable and full-bided than a self-made mate infusion. Listen to what a doctor says about mate and Club-Mate: Aside from the fact that Club-Mate diminishes the sensation of thirst, when hiking or sunburn have increased the sensation to the point of intolerability, Club-Mate stimulates the nerves without increasing the stimulating effect to a disturbance of well-being that is perceived as unpleasant and drowning out the need for sleep.

For the body it is just a beverage that tastes good and stimulates peak performance, but is also easy on the heart.