What’s in it?

hausmarke is basically composed like a normal soft drink, a cola, but additionally features coffee flavour. During the development it was important that it should be stronger than a conventional cola and at the same time not so disgustingly sweet. That is why the sugar content is about 10% lower than that of a normal cola, which in direct comparison tastes like weak sugared water.

Naturally nothing was spared in terms of caffeine content!

In addition to the herbal caffeine contained in guarana, hausmarke is laced with the maximum amount of caffeine which is permissible for a soft drink. That is double the power of cola and coffee! The caffeine content (240 mg/l) is 2-3 times as high as that of a normal cola.

As a result, hausmarke helps you in any situation! A parties it will lubricate your legs for dancing. At home it will help you to achieve unimagined peak performances, and wherever you enjoy a cooled hausmarke, it invigorates the body and liberates the spirit!

But remember: one sip says more than a thousand words!