Increased caffeine content – 25 mg/100 ml
With a splash of lime flavour

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Hausmarke Coffee


Hausmarke liquorice

We would like to briefly introduce ourselves:

The idea for the Hermann Kola and Hermann Brause brands emerged  in 2005 and was implemented in October of 2006 with the first bottling.

I wanted to make myself independent with my own range of products as opposed to large-scale producers with supposedly alternative independent beverages.

While doing so I attach importance to a reliable and trusting cooperation with our customers and distribution partners so that the joint cooperation renders the desired, sustainable success. Based on mutual support and good contacts with smaller and alternative brand suppliers such as Club-Mate, Grün and Hausmarke, the first cola with coffee flavour named “Hausmarke” became a member of the “Hermann” family in 2008.

Then our new Brause variety “Rhubarb-Strawberry Spritzer” was introduced in 2009 at the Anuga trade fair “Trend Forum Drinks” in Cologne. It then made a super start of sales in 2010 after a lengthy period of preparation. The first cola with liquorice flavour and increased caffeine content was presented as a world premiere under the brand name “Hausmarke” at the 2011 Internorga trade show. In the meantime, Hermann Kola is a founding member of the “Association of Correct Beverage Producers” (Verband korrekter Getränkehersteller e.V.).